GPTech consolidates its position as one of the industry leaders with a capacity of 80 MW in Guatemala and 200 MW solar projects under development.


Press Release - Feb 2015

Advanced Power Integrated Stations "GPTech APIS", developed by the company GPTech, have been selected by Grupo Ortiz, which is in charge of the construction, for the second phase of Horus solar facility in Santa Rosa department (Guatemala).

GPTech was already awarded to provide its inverters for the Horus I power plant first phase (50 MW). This facility was inaugurated by the President of Guatemala Otto Perez Molina on last Tuesday, February 3, 2015.

Therefore, GPTech consolidates its position as one of the industry leaders in the region, with a capacity of 80 MW in Guatemala and more than 200 MW solar projects under development. 

GPTech APIS during Horus I construction (SOURCE: GRUPO ORTIZ) GPTech APIS during Horus I construction (SOURCE: GRUPO ORTIZ)

Javier Landero, GPTech General Manager, considers this event very positive for the company purposes. "It is a new opportunity to work with leading companies like Grupo Ortiz which allows us to participate in relevant projects for renewable energy development in the region. Moreover, it represents a continuation of our growth trajectory that has been characterized by being present in first utility PV plants developed in other countries across LATAM region such as Peru, Chile and Argentina".  

GPTech solutions will allow the conversion and adaptation of the electric signal coming from the PV panels to the power distribution grid under high demand conditions, covering the most complex and delicate stage of the power generation process. 

In order to achieve these goals, the company will supply its APIS solutions, 40-foot containers including power conversion equipment (PV inverters) and MV transformers among other elements.

Referring to the technology, Javier Landero has declared that "our integral energy solutions are especially prepared to operate in complex environments, both from a weather point of view and concerning to grid connection and technical requirements that demand high expertise to reduce risks and achieve compliance objectives".

Exactly, it will be provided 19 APIS1700 solutions including 2x GPTech PV750WD inverters and 1x 1700 kVA transformer, as well as 1 APIS1250 (2x GPTech PV500 WD inverters and 1x 1250 kVA transformer) and 1 APIS630 (1x GPTech PV500 WD inverter and 1x 630 kVA transformer).  

This 30 MW PV plant will generate the energy to supply the equivalent of 5,000 households and with a reduction of 30.000 Tm of CO2 per year.


GPTech is an expert company in the development of technological solutions for the integration, management and control of renewable energies in large-scale plants. With global presence in 4 continents and with more than 2,5 GW of installed capacity in 16 countries, it is a leader in its field in LATAM.

With an investment in R&D over 12% of annual budget, GPTech collaborates in several consortiums, working together with different European companies. It also makes part of ALINNE, the Spanish Alliance for the Research and the Energy Innovation.

According to its strategic plan, GPTech foresees to bill 70 million euros in 2017.

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