The First Utility-Scale in LATAM turns 5 years operating

Cañada Honda (9MW), placed in San Juan, Argentina, was the first PV plant over 2MW in the region. It was the largest of the Latin America.

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Power Station with GPTech inverter

The Cañada Honda Solar Park is located on National Route No. 153 in the Department of Sarmiento, Province of San Juan, Argentina. It started operations in April 2012, inaugurated by the former president Mrs. Cristina kirchner, and visited further by Mr. Mauricio Macri. 

It consists of a Solar Photovoltaic Park composed of a total of 98,000 solar panels with an installed capacity of 22,232 MWp and a nominal power of 20 MW that are injected into the Argentine Interconnection System (SADI) through the Transformer Station Cañadita owned by the company Energía San Juan.

From the start of operations, it has increased the production ration over the expected in 8%, being one of the most succesfull cases in all the continent. 

GPTech delivered its Power inverters, being the pioneer company in the country. 


Webinar: 1500Vdc Inverters for extreme conditions

 Date: 2017 Feb 20th at 15:00 (London Time)

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