GPTech's PV inverters operating over 2000 m at Chile's Atacama Desert

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The stability of energy supply in a country as Chile, where the major part of the consumed energy is imported from foreign markets, needs of alternatives to the energy matrix. In this context, Non-Conventional Renewable Energies (NCRE) have been established as a clean, safe and efficient alternative.


Calama's project, located at Atacama Desert, needed a reliable solution to integrate PV solar energy into the grid while guaranteeing its stability. The equipment has to overcome the most extreme conditions and GPTech's inverters offer full operation at 2400m above sea level and total adaptation to dust environment. Additionally, PV inverters provide maximum performance over 98% to achieve plant factor of 31%. They usually provide daily hours of operation above the mean and they usually work to power level higher than the rated.

The PV plant is operating since June 2012. In this time lapse, GPTech's PV inverters have offered proven experience and reliability to make possible the grid integration at the most extreme conditions.