Energy Storage: A case of success in Latin America

Advanced ancillary services solution for complete grid code accomplishment in a weak electrical network. 10 MW PV Plant with GPTech's ancillary advanced services solution to meet all the grid code requirements, installed in the caribbean region

ESS System

Utilities and system operators are boosting the connection requirements of renewable facilities, forcing to enhance the management capabilities of the traditional PV inverters to tackle local instabilities at the interconnection point.

Some years ago, the maximum penetration limit of variable renewable energy to be supported by a country electrical grid was estimated about 20% to ensure the safety of the network with the required reliability and quality of power.

The smart combination of STATCOMs solutions, Storage and a customised Power Plant Control has made possible a stable performance under the hardest weather conditions in an island grid.

After the great success of several months of real operation, the renewable penetration limit can been definitively increased up to reach the 50%. Hence, renewable generation plants with an adequate selection of power electronics systems, ready to offer a power quality improvement, are becoming a new ally for the electrical grid stability, opening at the same time new market possibilities for the sector.


The GPTech Solution makes the PV facility to comply with frequency response, voltage regulation, reactive power capability and ramp rate control.

This can be achieved by means of a Complete Ancillary System consisting of:

GPTech EnergyReserve® BESS
BESS system with modular GPTech Battery Power Conditioning System.

GPTech GridCapabilities AVCS STATCOMs
Integrated Solution using modular electronic converters for VAR support.

GPTech EMSystem PPC
Power Plant Controller for centralised management of the Power Regulation.

The commercial project must operate for the next 20 years. Due to this, in addition to the technical solution it has been developed a sofisticated O&M plan, created accoding to the nature and specifications of the different components.

Storage-System O&M plan was expertise-analysed deeply to ensure the estimated performance of the plant. The result is an advanced service with optimal spare part management and programmed refurbishment task for the critical elements


GridCapabilities AVCS STATCOMs
Integrated technology for supporting the grid through dynamic reactive power

GPTech GridCapabilities AVCS STATCOM have been developed for supporting the electrical grid through an accurate dynamic reactive power management at the point of interconnection.

  Thus, these system are able to provide a set critical functionalities to achieve the best signal quality:

• Voltage control
• Power factor compensation
• Increase of power transfer
• Unbalances compensation
• Damping of power oscilations
• Voltage flicker correction



The System is composed of two main units: The Energy Storage System (ESS) and the Advanced Power Conditioning Station (APCS) which controls the bidirectional conversion of power to charge and discharge the stored energy.

To solve the strict grid code requirements, a Lithium-Ion technology has been selected. In this way we obtain the faster response capability and higher energy density to ensure the accomplishment of technical requirements.

• Frequency Response/Regulation

• Ramp Rate Control

• Improvement of Power Quality

• Flexible Generation

• Power loss reduction

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