GPTech in the largest PV Plant in Puerto Rico

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Today, operating in Puerto Rico requires fulfilling the most demanding technical requirements for interconnection of PV facilities in the world. The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), responsible for the electricity generation in this country, imposes the fulfilment of minimum technical requirements to all the companies operating in the region.

Ilumina Luis Guillermo Fortuño, Puerto Rico's Governor, testing GPTech's inverters

GPTech has accomplished PREPA’s demands in a minimum time lapse. It is for this reason that has been chosen as the supplier company for Ilumina, the largest PV plant in operation in Puerto Rico with 20 MW.

It has been necessary to install 40 PV inverters incorporated in 20 integrated solutions of 1 MW plus a Power Plant Controller, which acts as a master controller to accomplish the technical requirements of the utility.