GPTech's certification marks

GPTech Smart PVWD inverters series, Battery Power Converter Systems (BPCS) and Advanced Power Integrated Stations (APIS) meet the UL, cULus and CEC Certification Marks.

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In September 2012, GPTech started the process to achieve the UL Certification for the Smart PVWD inverters series, the Battery Power Converter Systems (BPCS) and the Advanced Power Integrated Stations (APIS). Previously, Underwriters Laboratories had evaluated the information, data sheet and tests results sent by GPTech in connection with its equipment. The normative was successfully achieved after an exhaustive evaluation of Underwriters Laboratories where power operation maximum ambient temperature, interconnection integrity, rain and sprinkler or harmonic distortion and electromagnetic immunity of the equipment were tested. 

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By March 2013, these equipment were officially listed on the UL Certification, the most prestigious Certification Mark in the USA. The same month, GPTech’s equipment also obtained the CEC (California Energy Comission) certification which ensures the compliance with energy efficiency requirements in North America. 

PV500WD, PV630WD, BCPS500WD and BCPS630WD models have also achieved the cULus Certification Mark, which indicates compliance with both Canadian and US requirements. cUlus requires the same tests as those demanded by UL Certification and includes an additional engineering rationale and representative testing for anti-islanding tests.

GPTech’s solutions improves energy performance, develops clean and sustainable energy and protects the environment while fulfilling with technical requirements