PV-Diesel system for weak and isolated grids

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Countries with growing industrial demand, as Chile and Puerto Rico, need fast adaptation of their energy infrastructures to guarantee a constant power supply facing any ambient condition. GPTech PV Diesel hybrid generation system offers a complete solution for the intermittent nature of the renewable generation in weak and isolated grids.


Joining together both energy sources achieves a robust system that decreases fuel energy dependence and generation costs of Diesel generation; also, it  avoids problems on grid stability in PV plants when powering a significant population.

Principal elements of the PV Diesel hybrid generation system include an energy storage system as GPTech BPCS (Battery Power Converter System) and a Power Plant Controller. GPTech BPCS enhances grid stability by saving energy during off-peak hours or when the system generates energy in excess, and pouring the storage energy into the grid during peak hours or when the power generated by the system is lower than the energy required by the electric system. The Power Plant Controller acts as a master controller in isolated systems and communicates with the grid operator in grid connected systems. It is a key element that coordinates the different sources of the system. It enhances grid integration capabilities of hybrid plants, as well as controls reactive power supply, regulates system voltage and stabilizes weak grids.